Get Rid of Mold for Good

Arrange for professional mold remediation services

Ever try to remove mold from your home, only to find it returns after a few weeks? If only the contaminated surface is treated, mold in the air can attach itself to the cleaned area and recreate the problem.

Air Quality Solutions, Inc. solves this problem with our state-of-the-art dry fog system. We fill your space with a fog that spreads to make contact with every inch of your room. It can remain in the air for as long as is needed to destroy any germs that might be lingering.

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Mold removal Lufkin, TX

Don't destroy your home on account of mold

Some companies will simply tear up your house to get rid of your mold problem. With our dry fog system, Air Quality Solutions can clear out unhealthy fungus without resorting to demolition. The result is less damage to your home and a quicker remediation process.

If you have a significant problem that does call for demolition, we'll start with as small of an area as possible. You can rest assured that we will keep the disruption to your home at a minimum.

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